Back to Work With the Best Brands

1• BACK TO WORK SPECIALS ON SALE NOW - OFFERS END MARCH 3! Discover the Workplace Range that gives back to Indigenous Australia Learn more about our new exclusive range on Page 3. BACK TO WORK WITH THE BEST BRANDS Things flow better with Artline PRINT.indd 1 12/12/18 12:11 pm Artline Signature ® Fineliner Pens A sleek, stylish and superiorly crafted series of fineline pens suitable for everyday writing. 0.4mm felt tip. Over 2km write out distance. Artline Signature ® Rollerball Pens A series of rollerball pens superiorly crafted to be sleek and stylish, making an impression where it counts. 0.7mm rollerball nib. Over 2km write out distance. $ 14 .95 Artline Signature ® Refill Fineliner Black ACO-149001 Fineliner Blue ACO-149003 Fineliner Red ACO-149002 Rollerball Black ACO-149011 Rollerball Blue ACO-149013 Rollerball Red ACO-149012 $ 5 .95 $ 14 .95 Artline Signature ® Fineliner Onyx Black ACO-149101 Blue ACO-149103 Red ACO-149102 Artline Signature ® Fineliner Silver Black ACO-149201 Blue ACO-149203 Red ACO-149202 Artline Signature ® Fineliner Pearl Black ACO-149301 Blue ACO-149303 Red ACO-149302 Artline Signature ® Rollerball Onyx Black ACO-149111 Blue ACO-149113 Red ACO-149112 Artline Signature ® Rollerball Silver Black ACO-149211 Blue ACO-149213 Red ACO-149212 Artline Signature ® Rollerball Pearl Black ACO-149311 Blue ACO-149313 Red ACO-149312 See Inside For Great Back to Work Specials!